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What is CBD Fountain?

If you have not noticed, we have a new web site!  As we rebuilt our website, we decided to write our first blog post about what CBD Fountain is all about: premium CBD products. There are a lot of CBD companies out there. In fact, that is an understatement. So why should you choose us? Let me tell you what sets CBD Fountain products apart from the rest.

I founded CBD Fountain because I am passionate about natural healing. I was a massage therapist and energy healer with a private practice in Los Angeles for 12 years and saw people with all sorts of pain. And from a very early age, I discovered from my own back pain that western doctors don’t have all of the answers.

In fact I created my first product (our lavender organic body lotion) for my own back pain. I had tried another cannabis based topical that was expensive, didn’t work well, smelled badly and was kind of sticky.  Hemp CBD was fairly new and there was talk that it helped relieve pain. So I decided to make my own and I made it specifically to be pleasurable to use, smelling good and feeling good to rub on.  I made organic, vegan lotion and added Hemp CBD and essential oils.  And it worked! It relieved my pain.  So then I gave it to other people who had pain. After those people found relief from their issues, from carpal tunnel to torn meniscus to fybromyalgia, I began to do my research.  After reading numerous articles and studies and learning that the US Department of Health and Human Services has a patent on CBD for its neurogenerative, neuroprotective and high anti oxidant qualities, a business was born. Click below to read it for yourself.

US Department of Health and Human Services Patent on CBD

CBD Fountain believes in the power of plants and the power of science. So it is because that there is research to back up what I experienced, I felt confident about forming a company around this highly helpful cannabinoid known as CBD. However, our products would adhere to my own high standards.

We Believe in Natural Healing

The natural healing force within each of us is the greatest force in getting well.


We believe natural is better. The body knows how to fix itself if given what it needs and CBD proves our point: our bodies make cannabinoids and utilize them to establish homeostasis (normal health). So we extract our own Hemp CBD oil to control our quality and we put that oil into organic ingredients.

Organic Ingredients

  • We use organic ingredients when possible.  Sometimes it is just not cost effective for us to use organic but when we can, we absolutely do and we mark the organic percentage on our packaging.


  • We are a plant based company.  We truly believe in the healing power of plants and while Hemp is our plant of choice, we love them all.   From essential oils for scent, to candelila wax instead of bees wax, we keep it in the plant kingdom. All of our products are vegan at the time of this writing, except our gummies and when we can, we will make those plant based too!

We love the environment


  • We strive to be earth friendly and reduce our carbon footprint.  We try not to use plastic when we can and have even switched over to a compostable, water activated shipping tape and compostable mailers. How’s that for Earth love?

We are here to help


  • All of our products have a personal story behind them because they were created for our family first.  Our pet tincture? For our dog with diabetes.  Our body lotion? For my own back pain. Our facial care? I use it everyday.  We see CBD products on the market all the time that make no sense because these companies don’t understand how CBD is utilized by the body! CBD Mascara, CBD diffusing oils, CBD nail polish… these are a waste of your money and just a fad! We want our products to help you in a meaningful way, making premium CBD products that your body can actually utilize .

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  • We don’t want you to just buy our product. We want to help you understand why our products may help you and THEN we want you to buy our product. That is why  we make every effort to educate how and why CBD works

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We thank you for visiting our site and are here if you ever have questions. Feel free to shoot us an email! Just click here.

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